Sunday, July 3, 2011

Final Fantasy Zack Fair Cosplay Costume

This is the Final Fantasy Zack Fair cosplay costume, which shows a classic one in Final Fantasy VII. As far as we know, Zack Fair is also one of the characters of the Final Fantasy series, who plays the leading role in the Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII which is an action role-playing game and other appearances in Final Fantasy games. And he lost his life in the Final Fantasy VII for the purpose of saving Cloud’s life.
Zack is an excellent member in FF VII, even though he is not the protagonist but plenty of people are mad for him, it is because of the fact that he is a boy who could always keep a calm and optimistic attitude in face of any predicament, yeah, he is a jolly person and positive in his life. He brings sunshine to any people who around him.
Hence, dress up in this final fantast cosplay costume will make you fully feel the exact feeling of Zack. And if you are the zealous fan of him, and here I suggest you this suit, wear it in your Zack cosplay show or the convention, and you will really bring Zack into reality. Why not have a try?

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