Sunday, July 31, 2011

Final Fantasy Female Cosplay Costumes Contain Various Fashion Elements

Tifa cosplay costume-the white top and shorts
       A friend asked me that if the Tifa cosplay costume will not be a hot in the heart of the cosplayers any more several days ago. And I shook my head. When we take a close look at the whole final fantasy cosplay costumes, and we will find that all of them contain various fashion elements with no exception of the Tifa outfits. Hence, we could say that not only the Tifa clothing will not be outmoded but also all the others.
Firtly, let’s have a look at these female cosplay outfits in detail. Generally speaking, there are two pieces that the cosplayers often wear them to impersonate Tifa. One is ths sexy accoutrment which is composed of the white top with braces, shorts and gloves, which is really a simple but eye-catching one and the classical Tifa attire. Another one is mainly made up of waistcoat, half length skirt, gloves and pants, which is the typical Tifa leather cosplay costume and reveals a kind of female charm, yet cool.
Sexy and elegant Lulu cosplay costume
And then is the Lulu cosplay suit which is in the form of the low-cut, fur-lined, floor-length, and many different fanshion elements we could find from it, such as elegance, sexy appeal along with a sense of the mysterious. As for Final Fantasy XIII Serah Farron cosplay, the cute and pretty clothing is connecting of white shirt with buttons; turn down collar coat without sleeves and cute plaid skirt.  
Still many other female characters of Final Fantasy games with different genres, as long as we are the fan of these girls as well as this game, this cosplay and the cospaly clothes will never be outdated.

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