Thursday, July 21, 2011

The Blue and Yellow Final Fantasy Yuffie Cosplay Costume

As for Final Fantasy Yuffie cosplay costumes, it seems that all her clothing are the sleeveless tops and short pants. One of them is in the form of sleeveless tops and yellow short pants which has blue and yellow color with a special sash on the left shoulder and black belt. As the picture shows, this piece is comparatively protrudent in terms of color and would be a hot choice for the girls.
Final Fantasy Yuffie Cosplay Costume
Cosplay Final Fantasy Yuffie could bring us different enjoyment, especial for those fans of Yuffie even though she is an optional playable character of Final Fantasy games. She shows us an optimistic and lively image with short black hair. In short, she is a cute, charming and cunning girl and a great choice for cosplay.
     Since she has a cute faces and petite figure, most of the cosplayers are the female. As a matter of fact, she would not suit for the boys to carry on the gender-crossing cosplay to some extent. However, it is ok if some of the boys are really want to have a try and to challenge this imitating.

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