Sunday, January 15, 2012

Final Fantasy VIII Selphie Tilmitt Cosplay Costume

I love the yellow final fantasy viii Selphie Tilmitt cosplay costume; actually it is one-piece sexy and pretty mini-dress. Selphie is one of the characters of Final Fantasy VIII who is an active and frank young girl. Of course, she is one of the well-liked cosplay choices in the eyes of the cosplay girls. We could find that there are a good many of the impersonators who wear the yellow piece in all kinds of cosplay cons.
We cannot deny that the charming and fashionable cosplay dress contributes a lot to that. The attire seems to be a mini-skirt with straps goes over the shoulders, in addition, a frontal zipper that goes through the full length of the dress along with two large pockets over the buttocks. We could have a clear mind of the costume from the picture.
Cosplay final fantasy Selphie is really a great choice for the sexy girl or the girl who want to display a pretty and sexy cosplay in the shows. It is also an easy cosplay.

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