Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Brown-haired Girls in Final Fantasy Cosplay

     Today’s topic is on the brown-haired cosplay girls in final fantasy series. And who are they come across your mind when speaking of this topic?

As for me, this first one is Yuna, the extremely naive and kind-hearted girl, she has neck-length brown hair with blue (left) and green (right) eyes. Yuna cosplay is incredibly popular to the cosplay girls from all walks of life.
And then is Aerith Gainsborough, the independent, kind and outgoing girl. Aerith's long brown hair is drawn back in a thick plait with a large pink ribbon tied around it with the bangs framing her face on the sides, and she has emerald green eyes. In addition, Marlene Wallace has the same hairstyle as her.

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The third one is Selphie Tilmitt who is an active, outspoken and energetic young girl. Selphie has short brown hair and green eyes.

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